How to Find Love in Cardiff

Finding Love in Cardiff is half the battle

Finding somewhere romantic to take that love out is another story.   First you need to find your perfect date in Cardiff by using one of the best local dating agencies in the area.  Then read on!

The shopping in Cardiff is fantastic, the victorian arcades are so romantic.

The shopping is fantastic but you would not want to take your new date proper  shopping for example vintage affair in Morgan Arcade is a dream of a shop – but would bore your new man to tears and quite frankly frighten him off.   That said there are endless coffee shops and wine bars woven into the arcades in the centre that are perfect for dating.  Picture a low key low pressure date which could be organised in such a safe public place.  A leisurely latte followed by a mooch around the antique watch shops is much more a man thing.  You need to choose your shops carefully and watch to make sure he is not glazing over!  Above all do not try on  any clothing on a first date – do not go into a clothing store and most expressly do not try on any jewelry on a first date.

Dating in Cardiff is easy when you know how

How to find a man locally is a question I have been asked twice in the last week which is why I was prompted to write this article.  I had ended up researching so much for the people who asked I decided to share with a wider audience.  Apologies for those who do not live near Cardiff I can assure you it is such a lovely place that if you do not live near its a great recommendation for a romantic weekend.  There are loads of places to go out  - loads to visit in the local countryside and great shows to go to in the evenings.  I recommend booking first if you are heading here for the weekend to avoid disappointment – there is not as much free availability as the west end.  If you are here for  a weekend – try the local bus service to get out into the countryside or the train along the pembrokeshire coast for a superbly romantic day paddling in the sea.

If you attend Cardiff University you can find love

Finding Love at Cardiff University is easy and fun.  There are 140 societies you can join up  to once you have found your man.  Check out the options and when  you have met your new beau suggest you join a society together and you instantly have something new you can both learn at the same time.   Talking about the options can help to break the ice.

Happy dating




Finding a vegetarian to date should not be so difficult

It’s not unreasonable to want to date a vegetarian

If you don’t eat meat you don’t want to share your life with someone who does. You don’t want to see meat in your fridge or freezer or have your clothes and hair smell of cooking meat. You don’t want to kiss someone who tastes of the meat they have eaten.

and do you know what – none of the above is wrong!

You need to start in the right place to find vegetarians to date who are also good looking

Don’t start by finding someone you like and then trying to find out if they are vegetarian. There is nothing more frustrating than spending time getting to like someone only to discover that actually they also quite like sausages.

Carrying a clipboard with you when you search out your life partner to complete a survey to determine if their eating habits fit with the way you want to live your life will certainly say something about you. And it’s not an attractive something. Equally limiting your search by starting at the vegetarian society limits the number of people you meet who are actually available. So what do you do?

Dating a gorgeous person then converting them is not an option

Trying to change a meat eater to being a vegetarian could backfire in the long run – you could find yourself too deep into the relationship cooking complicated vegetarian dishes, children, mortgage then a slab of bacon is flopped into a frying pan in a moment of weakness. Everything you felt as important comes crashing down. Do you cave in to your principles and keep your family together or do you remain stalwart and let your life dismantle around your knees?

Better to not get yourself into that situation – widen your options for choosing a lovely vegetarian or vegan by starting fishing in a pool of only vegetarians. The people on have also made that same decision to date a vegetarian. That makes it easy. The awkward bit is over. You can focus on looking for all the lovely things you want safe in the knowledge that the people you are looking at have made the same life decisions as you.

dateavegetarian is a modern site with loads of extra features to help you search and select a delicious vegetarian or vegan date.

Happy hunting



Never Too Old To Date – Mature Dating

Here is the proof! you are never too old to date!

Flirtual reality, the fancy name for online dating has never been hotter for all ages but for more mature surfers the concept is absolutely brilliant.  Search through profiles, cut the chaff away from the wheat and flirt away!  People ask me how to find a man for me and confess that it has been some time since they were last “on the market” and everything seems to have changed.  The good news is that everything has changed and equally the bad news is that everything has changed.  You just need to know what the new flirting signs are.

Its easy to get out and meet people when you stay in and surf

There is no travel, no awkwardness, no uncomfortable surroundings.  Just meeting people, viewing what they say about themselves and writing something about yourself that will spark someones imagination.  Mature Dating online is easy and fun. 

It’s nonsense to think you are too mature to learn new tricks

Check out cnodds at stood in a field with his cows he looks so friendly outdoor loving and kind.  I would introduce him to my mum any day.  Indeed I was looking for a mature friend recently and also found another site here  that is suitable for mature free single individuals who simply want to widen their circle of friends… and then who knows where the future might go?

You could try ; it’s not possible to register unless you are over 50 which keeps the group perfectly tailored to people you might like to meet. 


Look for flirting signals and use these flirting tips to respond

Get yourself signed in to one of these sites and look around before you do anything else.  A very easy first step is to wink at someone.  Click on Wink and that lets them know that you are looking at their picture.  They will then look at your picture and maybe wink back.  Who knows.  but if they dont wink back, move on without any embarassment.  

Mature people can go flirting online, meet new people and stay safe too

As with any time you are meeting someone for the first time – Don’t forget looks can be deceptive so always meet in a public place until you are sure.

Happy Flirting in a Flirtual Reality World